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Megabucks Hack For Megapolis Android And iOS 2016

Megapolis Hack Tool For Android, iOS and Facebook

Megapolis Hack Free Download

Megapolis Hack

Megapolis Hack

Megapolis Hack the game

Megapolis Hack tool will help you to expand your city and get all the buildings you want, as fast you want. Megapolis is unique city building game in which you can build your own city, choosing from incredibly diverse residential houses, buildings, production and commercial buildings, factories, resource suppliers, roads and other transport means. The selection of buildings in Megapolis is just incredible. When I first started this game I just couldn’t believe how many different buildings are in there for player to choose. There are so many of them that building menu has several tabs each dedicated to one class of the buildings, which are further classified by their value, number of residents they will bring or profit they make for player.

Resources in Megapolis

Main resource in Megapolis is Coins, and premium currency is called Megabucks. Coins are used to buy most of the buildings, make contracts with various shops and markets to bring you some more earnings, and for starting construction projects. However, main resource in Megapolis is Megabucks, premium currency bought only with real money. Megabucks are essential to this game. Most of the buildings can be bought only with Megabucks. You can also buy different and better versions of the buildings with megabucks, or you can get access to them earlier, on lower levels. For example, most of advanced structures have two or more versions, with Megabuck paid version prerequisite around 10 levels lower than the one paid with Coins. Megabucks are also irreplaceable in construction projects. Each construction project requires you to have number of assets to finish it. Assets can be gained from completing missions, but more often you can ask your neighbor players to help them with supplying them. But if you don’t have enough players around, you are pretty much stuck with construction project unless you have some Megabucks to spend for your assets. They are really cheap to buy with Megabucks, but of course, for a player who doesn’t have currency, even that is out of reach. One of the things players also need to use Megabucks for is to speed up construction of buildings. And last, but not least, all mega structures, premium structures, bonus and event features in Megapolis are bought exclusively with Megabucks. And our Megapolis Hack tool can be of great help in that case.

Megapolis Hack Free Download

Available Megapolis Hacks in this multihack tool

Megapolis Hack tool has 5 different hacks implemented. All of them are very helpful for the player trying to build his own perfect city. 2 of the Megapolis Hacks are resource hacks. You can use Megabucks Hack to get 10, 30, 100, 250, 750 or 1700 Megabucks added to your game account. Another hack tool is Coins hack, used to add 50k, 150k, 1.5 million or 5 million Coins to your account. Since most of the new buildings have specific level as prerequisite, we made XP hack tool to help players with leveling as fast as possible. You can use XP Hack to add 500, 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k or 100k experience to your account. Only thing you need to know about his hack is that no matter how much experience you add, you will get one level max when you log into the game, the rest of experience doesn’t count. So in order to gain more levels, you need to logoff from the game, use Megapolis Cheats tool again and log in again. We know this sounds a bit complicated, but game mechanics doesn’t allow skipping more levels at once, no matter how much experience you gain. This hack is anyway designed to help you at higher levels when you need too much experience to progress further. Last two hacks are of great help for better and faster play. “Fast building” hack is used for instant construction of any building or construction project, assuming you have all the assets. “Population hack” will fill up your population to the maximum each time when you activate it, so you don’t need to wait in game to achieve maximum population, or population limit as it is also known.

How To Use Megapolis Hack Tool

Free Megabucks Successfully Added

Megapolis Hack consists of two separate parts. First part is Connect tab, used for connecting to the game server before you can add Megapolis Hacks to your gaming account. In Connect tab of Megapolis Hack tool you need to choose your gaming platform when you first start it. You can choose Android or iOS device, or Facebook version of Megapolis. Next is entering your Email in case you are playing Facebook version of the game, or entering Username if you play on Android or iOS device. Next to the empty text fields are two additional anti-ban options which can increase safety when using Megapolis Hack when activated. They will be described in detail in following text. After you selected all necessary options, you can click on “Connect” button in order to establish connection with game server. After you see the message “Connected” you can proceed to Hacks section of the Megapolis Hack tool. There you can select and set 5 hacks we made for you to use in the game. After you are done with choosing all the hacks you need, last step is to click on “Add Hacks” button. Wait for the green bar to fill in and when you see the message “Hacks Successfully added” you can close Megapolis Hack tool and start your game. All hacks will be applied instantly.

Additional safety and anti-ban measures when using our hack tool

On the right side of Megapolis Hack tool you will notice two additional options which can be selected for additional safety and to increase efficiency of Megapolis Hack tool. First one is “Use proxy” option which is necessary to use with “Facebook” version of Megapolis. “Safe mode” option is not necessary for Facebook version, but must be used for Android and iOS platform if you want your Megapolis Hacks to be applied safely and 100% efficiently.

Megapolis Hack Cheats Tool Download Instructions

If you want to download this powerful hack tool for megapolis, then you should click on the button below, and follow the instructions. It’s very easy to use and free to download.

Megapolis Hack Free Download

Megapolis Tips And Tricks Part 3

Megapolis Tips And Tricks Part 3

Megapolis Tips and Tricks

If you didn’t read previous tips and tricks posts you should read it first. Read part 1 or part 2.

Upgrading energy efficient buildings as priority

Most of the buildings in Megapolis can be upgraded. But there are some buildings which upgrade can get you more benefit compared to upgrading some other buildings. One type of buildings which really pays off to upgrade to its maximum are energy efficient buildings. These buildings should be upgraded as soon as possible to get their maximum output. For those players who don’t use Megapolis Hack tool, this process requires a lot of time and effort, but using our tool will make this task easy and simple. Using Megapolis Cheats tool can also help to save your time, so you don’t have to wait and save money, instead you can make some cash with our program and purchase yourself a complex license upgrade. Your city’s energy efficiency will become better, and that is certainly quite an upgrade.

Achievements and new updates

The game of Megapolis has very complex and quite large base of achievements. These achievements are really important as sources of income for your resources. Although only few of them have megabucks as rewards, they can be really helpful for maintaining good city and having happy and satisfied population. Game designers release updates on regular bases. These updates almost always introduce some special new buildings which are world famous constructions, like Petronas Towers, Taipei 101 or similar. Having such a building in your city is nice prestige token, and by using Megapolis cheats tool you can have really awesome looking city. Another important aspect of Megapolis is available as hacked feature in Megapolis Hack tool. Most advanced construction projects require so called assets, special materials which can be obtained either as donations from your neighbors (other players in Megapolis) or by paying megabucks for buying them. Or you can simply use our program to gain access to all possible assets in the game and easily complete all construction projects. In later game, you should gain as much land expansions as possible, although this is not recommended in early game. For start we recommended to start small and fully develop starting area before expanding city. However, later in game you can speed up a bit and expand fully, especially with unlimited resources income from Megapolis Hack tool.

Spying on top players

Don’t hesitate to check other players and their cities. This especially stands for top players in the game. In the mobile version of the game you have button (marked with “Top”) in the upper right corner. By pressing that button you can check profiles of top players in Megapolis. You can also see when premium buildings they have, and observe their building strategies. You will be surprised how much can be learnt by observing other people playing, especially if they are good in what they are doing. Unfortunately, desktop version of Megapolis doesn’t have this feature, so you need to switch to mobile version if you want to use it. It is important to always learn from the best!

Megapolis Tips and Tricks Part 2

Tips And Tricks For Megapolis Part 2

In previous text we already wrote something about importance of good pacing in game of Megapolis. Start small, expand later, is the general rule. Don’t rush and over expand without first developing your beginning area to its maximum potential. The game takes into account all the things you are doing for residents, not just buildings and roads. You need to have enough interesting content to attract new residents, and even with using population hack from Megapolis Cheats, you still need to keep those residents in the town. Parallel with constructing residential buildings, you also need to build productive buildings and decorative features. Additional water and electricity plants are essential to your population growth. Moral of the population is affected by any projects happening near them. For example, unfinished projects can reflect at your city population in negative context. That is why we recommend to put aside all those big projects at the very beginning of the game and focus on rounding up the immediate surroundings of your town. Also you need to make sure you have all assets needed for finishing those big projects before even starting. Again, using Megapolis Cheats is extremely helpful for these tasks. But, doing mini missions is also of key importance here. Mini missions are ort of guide for proper city building, and in the same time you can get some really nice rewards out of them, some of them are unique. Another important advice is to pay attention to those special offices which are shown on the right side of the screen. For example, one of them is for building city hall, which is essential for collecting taxes while you are offline. Automatic tax collecting is one of the best features to be unlocked in this game. Also, to better regulate your tax income and population mood, you can build tax office which allows you to adjust your city’s taxes. Just be careful, though, raising the city tax lowers your population cap at the same time!

Complexity of the game

When I started playing Megapolis, I was stunned by multiple options and features in the game and pure complexity of this city simulation. I remember that, after playing it, for a long time I was laughing at other games which were advertised as “Building games”. Megapolis is incredibly rich and complex game when it comes to selection of buildings, proper infrastructure of the city and pleasing all the needs of city residents. Game designers are offering new buildings and features on regular basis, which leads to a never-ending fun when playing this game. Of course, its complexity and demands can be sometimes almost scary, and using Megapolis Hack tool can be really helpful in those cases, for additional resources, unlocks and features which can make it easier for regular player. However, even with all the new possibilities opened by use of Megapolis Cheats, there are still many tips and tricks which players need to know in order to master this beautiful game.  If you want to find out more tips and tricks you should check our whole website.

If you want to read part 3 click here.

Tips and Tricks for Megapolis Part 1

Tips and Tricks for Megapolis: First Part

 Megapolis Tips and Tricks

The complex game of Megapolis

Megapolis is fantastic game, and as the time passes it get more and more complex and rich with content. New features are introduced on regular time basis, and it seems like player could play this fantastic game forever. However, the complexity and many available options and features can sometimes be too much to handle for a new player. In order to save the time (and in-game money), there are quite a few tips which are very helpful, especially to new players. Even with Megapolis Cheats tool available and infinite resources (including megabucks) at player’s disposal, there are still some tips and tricks which can be very helpful. The aim of this text is to offer some advices which can save you time and energy when you start to play this wonderful game. Of course, having Megapolis Hack tool will help a lot, but following tips and trick will help too.

Tips and Tricks

First of all, there is no need to rush with constructing in Megapolis. Although there are plenty of options from the very start of the game, they cannot all be realized at once. It is very important for a player to begin slowly, and find his own pace in playing the game, corresponding to the time he want to invest in the game. We already talked about different residential buildings available. In short, all residential buildings can be divided in two groups. First group has buildings which produce population and experience in very short cycles, like in every 5 to 15 minutes. They are ideal for a player who plays a lot during the day and can check the game frequently. On the other hand, there are residential buildings which yield much bigger rewards, but in very long cycles of several hours up to a whole day. These buildings are ideal for a player who doesn’t play a lot, and can check the game only few times, or only one time per day. He can still get almost the same rewards as all the other players and will not feel like punished for less time invested in game. The same goes for your own pace while developing the city. There are plenty of options, but if you try them all you will overstretch yourself and slow down you progress in game. This goes especially for new projects which demands additional materials which are very hard to obtain at the very beginning of the game, while you still don’t have too many in-game friends or cash which can help you. Using Megapolis Cheats tool can be of great help here, but still you are better with starting small, concentrating on constructing self-sufficient settlements at first before expanding it and adding new features. Wait a bit to fill in all your buildings and to acquire all the resources and energy needed before going on. Don’t start any big projects in the meantime. But you can add some of the special buildings or decorations to make your settlement more attractive to the new population.

This post is our first part, if you want to read part 2 click here.

Download Megapolis Hack Tool

Megapolis Hack Free Download

Megapolis Hack

If you want to download Megapolis Hack Tool you just need to simply follow the instructions below. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to download and use. In just a few minutes you will have this tool, and you will be able to get unlimited amounts of megabucks, coins, and XP for free.

Megapolis Multihack Tool Download Instructions

1. Click On Download Button Below

2. Complete Short and Easy Anti-Spam Offer (It’s completely free)

3. Download This Tool And Enjoy…

Megapolis Hack Free Download

How To Use Megapolis Cheats Tool

1. Open The Tool

2. If you are using it for Android or iOS device, you need to connect the device with you PC

3. Enter your email and username (City Name)

4. Select Use Proxy And Safe Mode Option and click on connect button

5. You are now connected..

6. Select The Amount Of Megabucks, Coins and XP you want to add

7. Click On “Add Hacks” Button

8. That’s IT.. Enjoy :)

Megapolis Cheats Tool 2016

Megabuck Cheats 2016

Megapolis Hack Free Download

 Megapolis Hack

Megapolis Featured Cheats

While making Megapolis Cheats tool, we tried to be creative and add some more cheats, besides obvious ones which players need the most. So, together with Megabucks and Coins cheat as basic cheats of our tool, we added some XP cheat because we noticed how player’s progress slows down on higher levels, almost to a halt, because of enormous XP needed for next level. And higher levels are main prerequisite for all new buildings and features in the game so it seemed logical that this game feature should also be hacked. As for Fast building, it overlaps with Megabucks cheat because you can instantly finish building by spending Megabucks, but we wanted to further speed up this feature. Population hack is also something which cannot be achieved in game so easily, so we wanted to help with getting maximum population per every building in the city by using this Megapolis Cheat.

Megapolis Hack Free Download

Megapolis Cheats Connect Features

What are the main features of Megapolis Cheats tool? First of all, our program has unique connect interface which can connect to any gaming platform on which Megapolis is playable. Comparing to other Megapolis Cheats on the net, this is more important than players think. 90% of the cheat tools for this game have either only Facebook cheats, or only cheats for mobile phone. Of course, many cheats try to cover that fact by offering choices for all platforms, but in reality they may work only for one version of the game. You will recognize those fake Megapolis Cheats by interface of the tool offered to the users. Facebook version of the game requires only email connected to the Facebook account in order to identify game account and apply proper cheats. On the other hand, Android and iOS versions don’t need email for identification, but since every Megapolis player has unique game username, it can serve as identification method in this case. All Megapolis Cheats tools which don’t have both options for connection tab are not genuine. In that case, make sure to check them for malicious software because they might easily be just scams.

Security features In Megapolis Hack Tool

 More important features of Megapolis Cheats tool to look for are additional options. Good tool is versatile, and it means that it can adjust based on the needs of the user and current situation. Our version of Megapolis Cheats tool has two additional options which can be turned on and off at need. Those options are “Use proxy” and “Safe mode”. The reason why we made these features optional is that both of them slow down Megapolis Cheats tool considerably, and yet there are cases when they are not necessary for proper work of our program. If you want to test the functionality of our Megapolis Cheats tool, you can compare it to some other programs currently available (of course, assuming they are not scams). You will see that our program is 30% to 50% faster than any other cheat tool, thanks to possibility of turning these options off when they are not necessary. Other working cheats must also have proxy routines and safe mode algorithms installed, but if they are using them by default, they will always run slower. We decided to go with optional features and detailed text instructions about when and how to use them. This way, maybe the player need a bit more reading, but after that can use Megapolis Cheats tool as many times as he wants without any problems or slow-downs. For example, Use proxy option is not necessary in most countries but many players don’t know that. It is recommended to use in USA or countries of Northern and Western Europe, but most other countries don’t have so advanced local internet network which requires such security measures. Many countries don’t even assign static IP addresses to their users, which makes Use proxy option obsolete in such cases. If you want to check whether your local internet network has static or dynamic IP addresses, best way to check is to read IP address from the browser history; reset the router or internet modem after that; and read the IP address again. If they are different, you are definitely in the group of lucky internet users who have lower cost internet, but in the same time more opportunities for using Megapolis Cheats and other gaming tools!

Megapolis: Best mobile building game

Mobile games are known for so called building games. In fact, most of the games today for mobile platforms and browsers are either puzzle or building and strategy games. Megapolis is one of those (technically) building games, but its features, complexity, and wealth of offered choices to players are far above any other game currently in the market. Unprecedented wealth and level of detail in this game is responsible for its huge success. Players were waiting for a long time to get such complex and complete game which simulates the construction and managing of settlement, starting from just one street, up to whole city at your disposal. When it comes to this game, it was our real pleasure to develop and make Megapolis Cheats tool to help all these players who want to enjoy even more in this unique and challenging masterpiece. If you don’t play Megapolis already, then you can download it for Android here.

Resources in meg

Main reason for making Megapolis Cheats tool was fairly typical, and it was scarcity of premium resources in this game. Even main in-game resource – Coins, are hard to get especially if you are not online all the time, harvesting all your resource buildings you have. But gaining Megabucks, which is premium resource in the game (and can be bought only with real money) is next to impossible. Except for the few achievements which grant you Megabucks, there is no way to earn them besides paying for them. So we focused on ways to hack those two resources, since they are main income in the game. All other features, including assets for constructions, can be bought with megabucks so the most important of all Megapolis Cheats is Megabucks cheat. However, we also wanted to help the players even more, and at the end our Megapolis Cheats tool contained no less than 5 different cheats!

How To Download Megapolis Cheats Tool

If you want to download our cheats tool, then simply click on download button below, and then follow the instructions.

Megapolis Hack Free Download

Residential structures

Megapolis Residential structures

Buildings in Megapolis

Megapolis is extremely complex game when it comes to buildings. The number of buildings, creators of this game offered to player is absolutely stunning, and it keeps getting bigger by each update. All buildings can be sorted based on their primary function to residential buildings, production buildings, Infrastructure buildings, Decorations, Resource buildings, roads and extras. Since each of these classes is too complex to be covered in one article, we will focus on each one in our next article series. First and probably most important buildings for each Megapolis player are residential buildings.

What are Residential Buildings

In short, Residential buildings are buildings with main purpose of raising the population of your city. Each building can gather certain number of residents in specific period of time. Besides raising total population, each building also produces experience at the same frequency. Main prerequisite for residential buildings is level, although many structures can be unlocked with the use of Megabucks on much lower level. Use of megabucks sometimes can unlock the buildings 10 to 15 levels earlier than planned. As for statistics of residential buildings, they include: building’s cost, unlock level, (optional megabuck cost for unlock at lower level), construction time, experience gained upon finished construction, population gain, experience gain and period after which population and experience reward is available to collect. There is no direct connection between these characteristics, which means there are buildings which has unique specialties. Most common tool of analysis is building efficiency measured by population and money income from that building per one hour. Of course, this analysis is based on assumption that players is in game 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week, and that there is no pause between two gatherings. In real game these numbers are not so accurate, and the real number heavily depends on player’s daily time dedicated to game. Using this tool in analyzing buildings allows many different strategies and tactics using specific types of Residential buildings. Most buildings can be divided into two categories, based on time period after their population and money bonus is available. In general there are Residential buildings which produce population every few minutes (normal frequency is usually between 5 and 20 minutes), and Residential buildings which produce population every few hours (frequency for those varies from 1 to 24 hours). The main reason for such huge span of time is very clever. By doing this game developers made sure that every player could get appropriate rewards corresponding to his player style and time invested in the game. For players who are in game 24/7, using buildings with very short period of time between two consecutive rewards is recommended, since they are able to get advantage out of them. However, for players who spend only few hours per day in game, much better solution is to construct buildings with long period of time, allowing them to gather periodic rewards once or twice per day but still are able to squeeze the maximum potential out of their Residential buildings.

How to earn more Coins and Megabucks in Megapolis 2016

Free Coins and Megabucks in Megapolis

 free megabucks

Resources in Megapolis

Megapolis Hack tool can make this game a lot easier for all players, but we aimed for those who don’t have enough time to invest in this game, or don’t have enough money, again, to invest. Resources in Megapolis can be roughly divided in two groups. First group consists of true resources, and there are three of them in game. Those are Coins, Megabucks and Salary (we included Salary since this resource can be earned, and is actually spent for additional in-game features). Second group are so called assets, special resources in game used for different construction projects. They can be obtained in several different ways, but are not that easy to gain, and for premium players easiest way to get needed assets is to spend Megabucks. Other players don’t have that option, unless they are using our Megapolis hack tool and have access to free Megabucks. But even with regular use of Megapolis hack there are still some ways to get free resources in game. We can cover some of them in this article.

Difference between Megabucks and Coins prices on Facebook and other platforms

There is also some difference between price for Megabucks and Coins if you buy them on Facebook network, compared to prices for android and iOS versions. The reason for this is that Facebook version of Megapolis has all payments handled through Facebook credits, with their own interest rate and commission fee. On the other hand, Android version of Megapolis is handled through Google play, and iOS version is handled through iTunes store, and they both have different and quite a bit lower commission fees than Facebook. That is the reason why some players opt for playing Megapolis on their mobile phones or tablets rather than playing it on Facebook.

How to get more resources

Free resources are gained most easily through use of Megapolis hack. This is not promotion of our hack tool; it is just the way it is. There are many other ways to earn free Coins in game, but they all include too much effort and time investment. First of them is doing achievements, of course. Each achievement will usually give you some experience and coin amount upon completing it. Some can also reward you with fixed amount of assets. Most rare rewards include salary or even Megabucks. For example, “Expert on new territories achievement” rewards you with 3 megabucks, among other things. “Bridge Architect” achievement will reward you with 100 salary, etc. Another slow but safe way of getting free coins is helping your neighbors. Every assisting is rewarded by 1500 coins, as of March 2013. We can include one method available from level 8 or from level 3 if you can spend some Megabucks for it. It is building the City hall. Although this is not really a way to earn free coins, this building can help you a lot in gaining coins by automating VAT and residence collection, even when you are not playing, but the client must be running to make this possible. This is done by spending your salary resource.